The Holy Shit Moment

Posted on 02/05/2019 in misc

Book Cover

I'm not looking to make any major life changes. I mostly bought the book because Fell is entertaining, and since he has been entertaining me for free on his Facebook page for a couple of years, I figured buying his book was the least I could do.

The book is a science based examination of the Eureka! moment, when stuff just falls in place for you and you suddenly "get" it, for a very wide range of possible its. Fell wanted to figure out why that happens, and if it could be controlled. The answer is not really, although he believes there are things we can do to improve the odds of it happening to us.

I did learn something important from the book though. My own workouts have been languishing for a couple of months. I'm still going to the gym regularly, but it hasn't been as fun. I had been jumping around doing different workouts because I thought I was bored. That wasn't it. I need the the tiny dopamine hit from seeing measurable progress. So I went back to a routine, making sure I do the same core exercises, because I need that "Fuck Yeah" every time I push up one more bench press rep. than I did on my previous visit.

The book is wildly entertaining, mixing up a bunch of science, abundant pop culture references, humor, and variety of curse words. You'll laugh and you'll learn stuff. And you might even have your own Holy Shit Moment.

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