The Gallery of Regrettable Food

Posted on 12/29/2002 in misc

You'll laugh, you'll laugh so hard that you will start to cry, then your eyes will tear up and you'll have to put the book down for a moment to get your composure. You know how good Lileks is on a good day. He wrote his book over the course of many good days. Only Lileks could make a book out of making fun of those really bad cookbooks of the past. Jello molds? Been there done that. I was surprised to learn that making toast is a very sensuous activity, virtually guaranteed to attract handsome twins in tuxedos to even the comeliest housewife. That last sentence makes complete sense if you've read the book.

However, I feel as though I'm not really done with the book until I actually try one of the recipes in there. Who wants to come over for a delicious batch of 7-Up pancakes?

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