The Film Club: A Memoir (about unschooling)

Posted on 03/01/2011 in misc

The word unschooling is never used in this book, but trust me, this is a book about unschooling.

The author's 16 year old son is flunking out of high school. School just doesn't work for him. So he makes a deal with the kid. He can drop out, but he has to watch 3 movies a week with dad. How much can you learn watching 3 movies a week? How much can you learn about somebody else by watching 3 movies a week with them? I think we all instinctively know the answer to those questions is "a lot."

The author David Gilmour (not the guy from Pink Floyd) is a professional movie critic. His insights into the movies, the movie selections themselves, and his conversations with his son, are all fascinating. This book is a fun, quick read. But that doesn't mean that is doesn't have a much bigger message.

Content warning: The 16 year old in the book smokes, drinks, and fornicates with his girlfriends.. His father is aware of all of this. If that bothers you, don't read the book. The Film Club: A Memoir: David Gilmour:

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