The Blog is Back

Posted on 07/16/2001 in misc

Well, I'm trying the weblog thing again. This time I'm using Greymatter, which I spent a good deal of time this weekend configuring. It's server software running on my server so I'm not dependent on Blogger being up all the time. I just have this thing about software..I like to have total control. I needed to hack some of the Perl code to get this work, which is really interesting sinced I don't write Perl! It worked though. It's past midnight and tomorrow is Monday...technically it is Monday now but you know what I mean, so I'm outta here. Maybe tomorrow I'll post something of deep insight and relevance. Those of you that know me can stop laughing now :)

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I like hearing from readers, all three of you! Nobody comments on blogs anymore, and I'd rather not use Facebook or Twitter as a comment system so it's back to the email.