10 things you should never post in a Facebook camping group

Posted on 04/23/2023 in misc

I’m referring specifically to Facebook camping groups here. I don’t know if any other forums (are there still other forums?) are the same.

  1. A photo of your camper. Don’t do it. You will immediately be overrun with requests for the weight of the camper, photos of the inside, the measurements of the bathroom, etc. I used Google AI to crunch some data and determined that exactly one person in 2022 actually acted on your response when they asked those questions.*
  2. A photo of your campsite. Again, just don’t do it. If you are doing it, be prepared for 20 people to want you to call in a surveying crew to assess the levelness of the campsite. Also, it doesn’t matter how prominent the campground name or location is in the post, the first comment will be somebody asking, “Where is this.” The second comment will be somebody asking you to post photos of every campsite in the campground, so they can pick the best site for the trip they will never actually take.
  3. A photo of your tow vehicle hitched to the camper. Some dude, and it’s always a dude, will immediately post 1000 words on why your tow vehicle is too small for the camper.
  4. A question about tires. Some dude, (again with the dudes) will use his Chinese made iPhone to tell you how all Chinese goods, including tires, are inferior.
  5. A photo of your sun shelter. 40 people that have no intention of buying a new sun shelter will grill you about where you got it and what you paid for it.
  6. A question about the best campground near X. It’s been asked and answered 5 times this week already. Just use the damn search feature.
  7. A question about how to buy a camper with bad credit. If you are not sure if you can get a loan for a camper, you can’t afford a camper. Buy a nice tent.
  8. Can I tow this with my Rav4 questions. First, you’ll hear from the guy in question 3, and he’ll be correct. Also, you already know the answer, you are just hoping somebody will convince you it’s okay to be unsafe.
  9. Complaints about how crowded campgrounds are. The result is a 200 comment thread of people bitching. Campgrounds are crowded, and the best way to make sure you can go where you want for a holiday weekend is to reserve a site way, way in advance. It’s not fun, it’s not fair, and bitching on Facebook isn’t changing anything. Also, you have to hear from the "we never pay for campgrounds folks" and the "I only cowboy camp with a buck knife to hunt my dinner" guy.
  10. And finally, never, ever post, “What camper should I buy?” Nobody can answer that question for you. Do your research, and asking for random opinions in a general Facebook group is not research.

*I didn’t really do this, but ya’ll just glossed over the sentence because in your heart, you know it’s true.

I leave it to the reader to decide if this is satire, sarcasm, or sincere.

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