Solo by Kwame Alexander

Posted on 02/23/2020 in misc


Simply the coolest book I've read in a long time. If I hadn't forced myself to go to bed at midnight (2 hours after I started it) I would have read it one sitting. As it turned out, I read it in two sittings. It's a YA novel about a modern day teen that appreciates Eddie Van Halen. And because it's a YA novel our teen has girl and family troubles to work through.

The story is told almost entirely in free verse, text message transcripts, and song lyics. Also, 12 or 13 real songs are the focus of specific chapters. Go read the lyrics and listen to the songs when you hit those points. They are part of the story.

I've already moved on to another of Kwame's books. I was that blown away by this.

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