RSS Readers on Linux

Posted on 03/21/2023 in misc

I have used Thunderbird for email and RSS for years. There is nothing wrong that setup. It works perfectly. So of course it was time to change things up.

I've become fond of the open source Group Office webmail and calendar client that my email service provides. Thunderbird's calendar interface has always been a little quirky, and reminders sometimes go bonkers and just keep reminding, no matter how often you dismiss the event, TBF, I have not had that issue recently. This was more just Chris is bored, let's change how we do things.

So I'm using the webmail interface for email and calendar, and I really like it. But I needed an RSS solution. So off to the Pop_OS software repository I went. I tried the following RSS readers, and just did not connect for a variety of reasons.

Lifrea - It was the closest, but it randomly republished aas new about a lot of articles I had already marked as read. I even made sure I marked them as read, and deleted them, and back they came. It's possible something was up with the incoming RSS, but Thunderbird never had an issue with it so I wasn't willing to accept the problems from Liferea.

RSS Guard Lite - It took too much clicking to get through my feeds.

QuiteRSS - I installed it, opened it, imported my feeds, and uninstalled it. I don't even remember what I didn't like about it. Something about the UI didn't work for me.

Akregator - Didn't like it either.

There are also a selection of RSS readers that don't really manage your feeds They are desktop clients for web based RSS tools. I don't want an account out in the cloud for this, so those didn't help me.

Then I wondered if maybe anybody had done anything interesting with a Firefox extension. And that is where I found Feedbro, which is a horrible name but a fabulous RSS reader, or at least fabulous for me. It works the way I want it to work, which is roughly how Google Reader worked back in the day.

So the answer was right there in Firefox all along.

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