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Updated 02/29/2024


6+ years into our 18 month temporary stop in RVA and we are homeowners again. We bought new construction, but I have been busy building shelves, decorating, and restocking some of that homeowner stuff I donated or sold when we downsized 6 years ago.

My car needed over $2000 in work to fix the AC so we decided to become a 1-car family. So expect some thoughts on life as a 1-car family on the blog. The last time we were sharing a car was in college, when Michelle had an 84 Z-28 (with T-Tops!) that I borrowed when I needed a car. I'm also currently researching bicycles. The library and a pub with a good selection on draft is only 1 mile away, so a bike will do just fine!


Still into birding, although chasing birds through the woods has been on hold this year as our weekends have been consumed by playing house. Now that Spring is near and the house is mostly settled we can get back out into the woods with our binoculars. Also, I'm starting to suffer from a lack of campfire time, so looking forward to camping season so we can get back out in the Aliner. We have a full summer planned and mostly booked. Also looking forward to a long weekend in San Antonio in late March. We'll be flying the friendly skies for that, not camping.


Change of direction at work. I still have one foot in the Drupal world, but my primary focus is CIAM for government. I'm maintaining my role as Dir. of Sponsorships for Drupal GovCon. Never know when I'll need to parachute back into the Drupal World.

Big Picture

I'm all about shedding excess stuff (both physical and psychic) as I start the glide path to what retirement might look like in 10 or so years. After a lifetime of raising kids and all that it is us time now. I don't want obligations or stuff that gets in the way of just enjoying life. So don't expect any big projects or side hustles from me. Been there, done that, over it.