One Fearful Yellow Eye

Posted on 04/01/2016 in misc

One Fearful Yellow Eye by John MacDonald

This time we find our hero Travis McGhee in Chicago, at Christmas time, helping out an old (girl)friend whose MD husband drained her inheritance before he died. Travis needs to figure out why, and find the money. This was a return to form after the really dark Darker than Amber and a better book, as our Florida beach bum's ruminations on Chicago and the north are quite entertaining. Yet, the archaic attitudes about women and minorities really make it hard to stick with the series. That said, the guy can write. Consider this passage about his approach into Chicago.

Even with the buffeting, there is an impression of silence inside the aircraft at such times. People stare outward, but they are looking inward, tasting of themselves and thinking of promises and defeats.

Also a plot twist at the end was way out of character. Travis McGhee would never walk into that trap. After two in a row I need to take a break from Travis. I'm sure I'll back eventually.

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