Covid-19 doesn't exist in Natural Bridge VA

Posted on 07/06/2020 in misc

We spent the weekend camping at the Natural Bridge / Lexington KOA. As I pulled up for curbside check in the employee/manager/owner was masked, but she made a snide comment as she checked me in that made it clear she didn’t think she needed to be masked. That would be about the last mask I would see all weekend at the campground.

Ironically, in a brief outdoors encounter she probably didn’t need a mask on. The lack of understanding about when we should have a face covering is nuts. It’s not that hard.

Outdoors with little chance of an extended encounter with another person?

  • Have the mask handy but you don’t need it on, until you need it on

Outdoors in a crowd?

  • Cover your face holes

Indoors somewhere other than your home?

  • Cover your face holes

Passing people heading in or out of the bathroom over 3 days at the campground I saw exactly one person wearing a mask (and she appeared to have hers on 24X7, even when sitting at her camper alone), even though the door to the restrooms had a red “Masks Required” sign. I imagine somebody told them they had to have the sign up, so they put it up. But they didn’t even mention any public heath rules when I checked in. Last weekend at the Williamsburg KOA it felt like they were taking it much more seriously. At no point over the weekend was I within 6 feet (1.83 m) of a stranger for more than about 3 seconds, so I’m not worried about my safety. I am worried about all the kids that spent the evenings running around with their new campground friends.

I was in three convenience stores to grab drinks or coffee and not even the employees were wearing masks, so they are flat out ignoring the law. And these are shops right on I-81 exits, so who knows where the people coming into the stores have been.

Just look at Europe and Asia folks. Life is basically back to normal in a lot of the world, with the addition of wearing masks in public places. Here in the US we are headed backwards to more severe lock downs. Connect the dots. Do what the people that live in counties that have successfully controlled the virus do. Wear a mask when around other people. Care about other people. It’s not that difficult.

The post title is sarcasm, in case you are sarcasm challenged and don’t get it.

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