Marlins Win!

Posted on 10/25/2003 in misc

Marlins 2 - Yankees 0. Holy crap! What a game. Josh Beckett's performance has to go down as one of the all time greats in World Series history. A complete game shutout on a night when he didn't even have his grade A fastball or changeup. I didn't realize he threw a curveball before tonight. Damn. The kid has some future in baseball.

We let Breck stay up to watch. He is still bouncing off the walls. He has been a Marlins fan since he first got assigned to the Marlins in Pee Wee Baseball 4 years ago. So now my son at age 9 is has seen his team win the World Series.

That's actually sort of depressing.

Oh and Fox TV. I think proper protocol is to interview the WINNING manager before you talk to the LOSING manager. Believe it or not, it's NOT all about the Yankees.

Did Bud Selig seem less than enthused about the outcome? All his whining about the payroll disparity in baseball, and the team with the 20th highest payroll and a payroll 1/3 that of the Yankees wins the World Series.

Congratulations 2003 Florida Marlins. I just hope they can afford to keep the nucleus of the team together for a few more years.

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