Linux Update

Posted on 02/26/2003 in misc

Still can't sync the Palm. The problem seems to be that I don't have permission to access the serial port. I have chmod 777 the port, and I added my user account to the root group since root owns the port. That should have fixed it but it didn't. I guess the next thing to look at is what else might have the port locked up.

Installed the printer. Seemed to go well. Red Hat's install configurator recognized my printer and got the brand and model correct. I opened up Open Office, created a one word document, and printed it. The printer was on page 5 of printing gobblygook when I lost interest in how long it would go and turned it off.

Downloaded the Flash player for Mozilla. The install failed.

Are you seeing a trend here? Yes, I'm a Linux newbie, but I'm far more techie than most. If I'm having this much trouble setting up RH 8 on a brand new PC, there is no way they have any chance at the SOHO / desktop market in the near future.

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