It's So Easy and Other Lies

Posted on 04/30/2015 in misc

It’s So Easy: and other lies by Duff McKagan

Who knew Duff was the smart one in Guns N Roses? I was really surprised by how insightful this book was. Duff started out as a drunk and stoned punk rocker from Seattle. I’m surprised he remembers so much of his touring days with GnR, as he was always loaded. However, he got sober, got in shape, and got smart. He took finance classes at community college just so he could understand the financial reports he got as a member of Guns N Roses, Inc. That led to him returning to college. He took up martial arts, mountain biking, running, got married, had kids, and in general just go his life together. The book is quite well written, with a lot of fun stories from GnR, and a lot of insightful wisdom about getting and staying sober. Any fan of rock and roll should read this.

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