In The Presence of Mine Enemies

Posted on 02/14/2004 in misc

Imagine you are a Jew, living in the heart of Nazi Germany in 2009, 70 years after the Germans won WWII, and 40 years after the Nazis eliminated 1/3 of the US population with nukes in WWIII.

This book is a little different than the typical Turtledove book. Instead of the grand sweeping scale of war, we get the minutia of living as Jew in the heart of Berlin. The story follows the daily lives of several Jewish families trying to stay hidden, look and act like good Aryans, while at the same time trying to not forget who they really are. They are living in heady times, as a new ruler is questioning the old ways and taking baby steps towards a more free and open society. In fact, Berlin in 2009 looks suspiciously like Moscow in 1990...

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