Hollywood Cemetery - Richmond VA

Posted on 01/20/2018 in misc

The Iron Dog
The Confederate Memorial

So far 2018 has been bitterly cold in Richmond. Today was a glorious 63 degrees F and sunny. I was a good boy this AM and went to the gym, then watched Purdue just destroy Iowa at their arena. That's 3 straight Big 10 blowouts, 2 on the road, if you are counting at home. But that is not the subject for this post.

After the game my son and I went to explore Hollywood Cemetery. It's most famous as the final resting place for Jefferson Davis, two US Presidents, and a whole host of people very important in the history of Richmond and VA. Walking the cemetery was probably a 3 mile jaunt, and there were many people out today with dogs and kids. I like visiting cemeteries, even though I have no desire to end up in one myself. I have a rule that if I photograph a grave I take a minute to read the monument and learn something about the subject of my picture. The best stories at any cemetery are usually not the big famous monuments.

Consider this one - a War of 1812 veteran! I wouldn't know that if I just shot the photo from a distance.

The Iron Dog

I need to go back in tourist season when they do guided tours.

The Iron Dog
The Iron Dog

This little girl died at age 2 of Scarlett fever during the Civil War. She loved her father's Iron Dog, so it stays with her. Moving it to a cemetery also saved it from being melted down for war materials. People still leave toys and flowers for her.

Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederate States of America and all-around bad guy.

Plaque on Jefferson Davis monument

They spelled racist traitor incorrectly.

Another dog

I love that somebody left a tennis ball with the dog statue.

James Monroe
James Monroe

President Monroe's final resting place.

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