Fargo Rock City

Posted on 11/29/2003 in misc

This is the book for anyone and everyone who grew up in the 80's listening to bands like Motley Crue, Dokken, Metallica, Tesla, etc. It's part memoir of growing up a metal head teenager in small Midwestern town, part analysis of what (if anything) that music meant, and what legacy it might have. If you are in the target group, you will see yourself at least once in this book.

Chapter 1 is 15 pages on how Shout At The Devil was a defining moment in the author's life.

Also included is:

  • The Def Leppard are they metal or not argument. (NOT!)
  • Power ballads, good or bad? (It depends..)
  • How Nirvana killed hair metal. Did all these guys really worship Satan? (mostly no)
  • The difference between hard rock and metal. (Your girlfriend would occasionally like a hard rock band, she would never like metal)
  • How Poison sold millions of records even though every metal head in America swore they sucked.
  • The relatively short list of non-metal groups / songs that were still cool.

You get the idea. This is a serious time warp back to your childhood if you are about my age. And yes, I have listened to a boatload of hair metal since I finished this book on Friday.

How could I not?

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