Catching Up On My Reading

Posted on 01/21/2003 in misc

One of my goals for this year is to read more, a lot more. I'm off to a good start, having knocked off 3 books since Christmas.

Leadership - Rudy Giuliana: A nice satisfying tour of Mayor Giuilana's career, organized around his management principles. Nothing earth shattering that you haven't heard before, but when told by him it comes alive.

Take On The Street - Arthur Levitt: I was disappointed in this book. The "what Wall Street doesn't want you to know" stuff was all stuff I already knew. Too many chapters wandered off into a discussion of the wonderful things he wanted to do for us investors as SEC Chairman, if only the nasty men in Congress, or the Lobbyists, hadn't got in his way.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki: - Entertaining read. The author's key point, that rich folks buy assets that create additional income, and the middle class and poor spend all their money on expenses, is a good one. One I'm going to have to give some deep thought too, as to how it applies to my life. Another point, that a house is not really an asset because it does not create a positive monthly cash flow, is interesting too. It might be a very long term asset, but next month, its an expense, and a big one too! The tone of the book is a little too rah rah, too infomercially for me. I Would not be surprised at all if the author is pitching is wealth creation system on late night TV. Sort of like Anthony Robbins, the message is good, but the messenger drives you mad if you listen too long!

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