Baseball Uniforms

Posted on 07/15/2003 in misc

Bambino's Curse writes about baseball uniforms today.

It seems like Little League uniforms have gone downhill since I was a kid. When I played, we were issued real uniforms. Button up jerseys, the color coordinated stirrup socks, etc. Nomar Jr. this year got a T-Shirt with the logo of the city Parks & Rec. Dept on it, and a number on the back. No team name anywhere. It is the proper color for the San Francisco Giants, and they do have real baseball hats with the Giants logo. Pants are supplied by the parents - and real baseball socks seem to be a thing of the past. He does have socks with a black stripe up the side, sort of an approximation of an old school uniform. Of course, he wears his pant legs up high - showing as much sock as possible.

It's probably a money issue - what isn't these days? Licensing fees on the logos may make the shirts cost prohibitive given what the city wants to charge for the league. Still - there is something to be said for looking like a real baseball player when you are playing the game.

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