All-Star Thoughts

Posted on 07/10/2002 in misc

I fell asleep in the 7th inning, so I missed all the excitement surrounding the unnatural end of the game. However, I don't have any real problem with them calling it. It is an exhibition game after all. They could have handled to announcement better though, maybe decided in the 10th that the game would only last 12 innings, or something like that. It is fitting though that Selig got booed at home. Its too bad baseball doesn't have a commissioner like Bart Giamatti. Selig is an idiot.

The coolest thing about the game last night was watching the pre-game with my 8 year old son. He correctly identified every one of the 30 greatest moments they honored, and in several cases added additional info for me that the announcers didn't give us. He was totally excited to see Warren Spahn on the field. Breck may be the only 8 year old in America that even knows who Warren Spahn is! And when I checked on him in bed at 10:30 PM as I headed upstairs for the night, he was still awake, reading "The Science of Hitting" with the All Star Game on the radio.

Maybe the union and the owners should sit down with my son for 90 minutes, so they will undertand what that are doing to the future of the game if they lose fans like him.

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