Don't read too much into my reading choices this week

Posted on 03/26/2023 in misc

I actually wrote a blog post this week. It's a super nerdy post about RSS Readers in Linux, so probably interesting to nobody reading this email. I promised you a weekly email. I never promised it would interesting.

As I was catching up on my book reviews log I noticed that both books I read this week were centered on teenagers with serious life issues. Don't take that as any sort of commentary on my life. I don't control when my on hold books at the library become available.

In interesting things I would have blogged about if I was more motivated...

Wil Wheaton was a keynote speaker at the Southern Kentucky Book Festival last week, and his speech is a home run. Everybody should read it.

Michelle can confirm that last year when Cigna rejected several claims as not medically necessary I stated that I was pretty sure they were just rejecting everything without even looking at it to see who appealed. I was right.

In news that will surprise nobody, Antisemitic content has more than doubled on Twitter since Evil Elmo took over the company.

This look at the job of Premier League referee is fascinating.

And finally, you may not know the name Bobbi Ercoline but you almost certainly know her photo from the iconic album cover for the Woodstock soundtrack. It turns out she married that guy she was hugging on the album cover and they had been married 54 years when she passed away recently.

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