1000 Years of Irish History

Posted on 07/16/2001 in misc

This is a well done survey of Irish history, from Brian Boru, to King Red Hugh O'Donnell, to Gerry Adams. I finished this book with a much better understanding of Irish history and the dynamic between the Irish and British that led to 800 years of hatred and violence. If your of British descent don't bother - you won't like the way your country is presented in this book. However, the book does not come across as "Pro-Irish." In this case, the facts dictate that for most of the last 800 odd years, the British were the bad guys in Ireland.

How much of today's relative peace is indicative of a true resolution, and how much is a side benefit of the best economy in Europe will be an interesting story to watch over the next couple of years as the Irish economy inevitably slows down.

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