10 Things About a Job In Sales

Posted on 03/28/2018 in misc

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I've been selling for a living since 1995. I've learned a few things.

  1. The territory is never in good shape. Don't believe them when they claim it is. If the territory was producing like they claim, the previous rep. would still be there.

  2. If they can't explain the comp plain in 30 seconds, it's too complicated and you will eventually get screwed by it.

  3. Even if the comp plan is simple you'll probably get screwed when you leave the company. I can only think of one job where there was no stress about being made whole on commissions due upon leaving. I can think of two jobs where I needed a lawyer to do that.

  4. There is no such thing as a job with a $40K base and $150K OTE the first year.

  5. Never take a job selling a small company's side project. Johnson & Johnson can handle multiple product lines. Small companies can't. You'll be starved for resources (both financial and time) and you'll take the fall when it doesn't work.

  6. If you have a bad feeling about a job trust your gut. You aren't good enough to overcome their crappy product, poor service, or bad marketing strategy.

  7. If the only reason for a job change is more money don't do it. You probably won't make more money anyway, and enough other things will be worse that even if you do make more bank, you won't be happy.

  8. Cold calling 200 hundred people a day is not prospecting. It's verbal spamming.

  9. Why should you absorb 100% of the risk selling somebody else's product or service on straight commission? If you want that kind of risk start your own company and reap all the rewards.

  10. If the job is that great why do they need a recruiter on contingency to cold call people to find candidates?

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