Streaming is dead - long live vinyl

Posted on 03/12/2023 in misc

The year is 20% done. Is that exciting, or terrifying?

No blog post this week, nothing caught my fancy to a level that a blog post formed in my mind. Well, actually, one did, but it's only about 80% done. I'll probably finish it this week. Maybe.

Elsewhere on the Internet tubes, there were a few interesting things published.

Speaking of tubes, the golden age of streaming is over.It's already getting more expensive, and selection is getting worse. Yay progress!

Staying in the entertainment world, vinyl outsold CDs in 2022 for the first time since the late 80s. Is it a hipster trend that is peaking, or is this desire to connect physically with music a real, sustainable thing?

The NYT ran a lengthy excerpt from an upcoming book titled, Why Does Poverty Persist in America?

The tldr; answer is that the ownership class profits from it.

More from the bad news department, parents exploiting their kids for profit online is 100% legal and the kids can't do a damn thing about it, yet.

And to end on a fun note, this YouTube channel is nothing but 3 minute video compilations of short clips sent in by auto mechanics. It's as funny and terrifying (these people are on the roads with us!) as you are thinking.

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