You don't know how to read a topographic map

Posted on 03/05/2023 in misc

I wrote one whole blog post this week. Sadly, averaging one per week would probably put me in the 1% for people still writing on a blog 2023. I questioned if a business with a dominant market position (Spotify) is really a viable business if they used that market dominance to lose $500,000,000 in 2022.

In other stuff...

This Rolling Stone listicle of the best songs by made up musicians is really fun, and I can't argue with their #1 pick.

I thought I knew how to read topographic maps, but it turns out I only kind of knew the basics. This article leveled me up, which might be useful in the coming social collapse of the country.

This chart on the National Park Service website ranks the parks and historical monuments by number of visitors. I would have guessed visits were more concentrated at the most popular parks, but the top park barely accounts for 5% of visits. However, there are probably multiple barely visited parks near you where you can get away from the crowds this summer.

This article confirms what you've been thinking about Amazon, it really is getting worse. We let Prime expire last year, and have not missed it.

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