The return of the weekly link roundup

Posted on 02/11/2023 in misc

I had a weekly email newsletter back before Substack was cool. I quit doing it years ago, and I don't even remember why. Anyway, inspired by Brian, I just decided 5 minutes ago to revive the weekly interesting links email as a weekly blog posts.

Side thought - I wonder when the last time was that I referenced another blog as inspiration for something, as opposed to a Tweet?

Interesting Articles

The Strangely Beautiful Experience of Google Reviews

Apparently some people use Google Reviews as a way to create a trip log for themselves.

The Case For Digital Minimalism

If you've been reading here for anytime at all you know that I am very sympathetic to this argument, impractical as it may be.

Now Entering the Golden Age of N/A Beer

The big question for me is are NA beers just a trend, or is this a fundamental shift in drinking habits?

Learning to Love Paper Books Again

I have dramatically increased my reliance on my local library over the last couple of years, and I typically go for the printed version over an e-book, unless the e-book is available much sooner. Pretty much the only e-books I buy are $2.99 specials I find via BookBub.


I stumbled into Robert Jon and The Wreck last week. How did these guys put out six records without me noticing? Their mix of southern rock and R&B goes down as smooth as a shot of Tennessee whiskey. Check out Chicago, Oh Miss Carolina, Gold or their newest single, Come At Me for a taste.

This warm weather we've had all week has me really feeling the wanderlust. I'm ready to de-winterize the camper and get out into the woods. Realistically, I've probably got another two months. Ugh.

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