Unclog your ink jet printer

Posted on 10/31/2019 in misc

Is your ink jet printer not printing well, and running the ink jet clean cycle just consumes ink without fixing the printer? I have the solution, and it's not buy a new printer.

  1. Hit Amazon and buy EMPTY refillable ink cartridges for your printer.

  2. When the cartridges arrive, put 8 parts Windex and 2 parts rubbing alcohol in the colors you need to clean. At least on my Brother printer the chips on the cartridge is connected to the ink color. So if you need to clean the black jets make sure you use the black cartridge. The mixture does not need to be precise. I just eyeballed it. Also, you don't need to fill the cartridges completely up. It's going to use a couple of milliliters of the solution, so just enough to register as there is all you need.

  3. Replace the applicable print cartridges with your cleaning cartridges and run the clean cycle twice.

  4. Your printer should be printing just fine now.

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