Posted on 08/15/2003 in misc

Many of the Queensryche sites on the Web are bitching about this album. Then again, I'm pretty sure these are the same people that have bitched about every album since Mindcrime. Look, Operation Mindcrime was a classic, maybe one of the 10 best rock albums ever. They aren't going to do it again. Get over it.

That said, I like Tribe. It's a laid back album by Queensryche standards. It's moody, almost atmospheric, with some definite international influences. There are Middle Eastern vibes, some African drumming, etc mixed into the songs. IMHO, it makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

Will it make grab you by the lapels, and pull you out of your seat to raise your fist and shake it at authority, ala Mindcrime? Of course not. These guys are 40 years old with kids, and presumably, so are many of their fans. I don't want to be pulled up to fight anymore. Leave me in my recliner, and fetch me a beer. I'll be much happier that way :)

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