The Underground History Of American Education - Chapter 6-1

Posted on 04/30/2005 in misc

I pulled this quote out to its own post because it is so germane to the current discussion on several home education sites about cyber charters and the danger they pose to the home education movement.

In a New York Times description of the first "Edison Project" school in Sherman, Texas; a system of proprietary schools supplying a home computer for every child, e-mail, longer school days and years, and "the most high-tech school in America" (as Benno Schmidt, former president of Yale, put it); the local superintendent gloated over what he must have regarded as the final solution to the student-control issue: " Can you imagine what this means if you're home sick? The teacher can just put stuff in the student's e-mail....There's no place to hide anymore!"

No school superintendent will ever "put stuff" in my child's email.

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