The purpose of high school is to give tests

Posted on 04/04/2012 in misc

Jay Matthews, the education writer for The Washington Post, published his rankings of DC area schools. Fredericksburg area schools are at the bottom of the list. However, the rankings really only measure the number of college level tests given, and the percentage of kids that took at least one college level test while in school.

To which I answer, who the hell cares?

Has the testing culture in high school gotten so bad that educated people really think the average number of college level tests per kid is a meaningful rating of anything other than how much time is wasted on tests? If local kids from our apparently downtrodden schools are just as happy in 10 years as the kids from the test factories, does that not mean that our local schools in fact did a better job providing education? I don't know how you would ever measure that, but that is the actual thing that matters. Does your high school produce well adjusted law abiding citizens? If the answer is yes, your high school wins; no matter how many AP Tests it administered while you were there.

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