Does this make me a Swiftie

Posted on 10/16/2023 in misc

We were supposed to be camping this weekend. However, the forecast for Saturday was a rainout, so I canceled. I don't mind losing 1 day out of a 3 day weekend to rain, but on a short weekend, Saturday is the camping weekend, and spending it in the camper is not ideal. The forecast held as it poured most of the day on Saturday.

Instead, we went to the Taylor Swift concert movie last night. It sold about $100 million in opening weekend tickets, but maybe it was over saturated in Richmond. It was at every theater I think, and on multiple screens at each theater. There were only about 20 people at our 7 PM Saturday evening show. A big crowd singing along and dancing would have been a lot of fun. It was still an amazing concert movie though. I can see why people are flying across the country or globe to attend. Had I been there, it very well might rate as my best concert ever. The stage setup, lights, costumes, dancers, etc. were all just amazing. And of course, her song catalog insures every tune is amazing.

Also, Friday, as always, was new music release day. And this Friday delivered the first album in over 20 years from The Marvelous 3. It was worth the wait. It's such a perfect time capsule for late 90s power pop rock. It sounds exactly what I would have expected their next album to sound like back in the day. I've got 6 or 7 full listens in the bank already.

Speaking of Butch Walker, I actually won the Ticketmaster lottery and scored two tickets to the reunion show in Atlanta in two weeks. However, after thinking about it, I decided a 1000 mile RT drive for a concert was not something I really wanted to do, so I sold the tickets for exactly what they cost me, because I'm not a monster. I'm hoping a fan got them and not a scalper. M3 is live streaming the show, so we are going to make it an in-house concert date night and enjoy it from afar, without having to stand on a sticky floor for 3 hours after driving 8 hours to get there.

Note: Standing on a sticky floor for a concert is fine, awesome even. It's the 16 hour RT drive I can't deal with.

Continuing on the music theme, Abby Bryant and the Echos are playing a winery in Richmond next weekend. We have a table reserved for the show. This will be the third year in a row that we've caught an Abby Bryant show.

And The Legwarmers are doing their 80s tribute thing again on December 1. We may go to that too.

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