Sunderland Till I Die

Posted on 12/24/2018 in misc

Sunderland Till I Die is a Netflix original series that in 8 episodes follows the Sunderland Football Club through the 2017-2018 season. It was their first season in The Championship after being relegated out of the Premier League. The club's goal was to document their triumphant return to the Premier League, and showcase the club for potential buyers as the American owner was looking to sell out.

You can't win by not spending money in English Football, or really any top level professional sport. Sunderland did not spend money. They did not win. In fact, they did not win so often the got relegated again, down to League 1. (Imagine the Tampa Bay Rays getting bounced to Triple A then Double A.) The real stars of the show are the people of Sunderland, as the series does a nice job of projecting just how important a football club is to its town and supporters.

I watched all 8 episodes in less than 24 hours. You can take that as a ringing endorsement of the entertainment value of the show.

This is entry #24 in my attempt at 31 days of blogging for December 2018. I've haven't posted here daily since about 2007, so this should be interesting.

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