Say Hello to Blackbeard

Posted on 11/12/2005 in misc

If this doesn't get us boku bonus points in the cool parents competition, I don't know what will.

Breck has wanted a pet snake for at least 2 years. I would have bet on a cold day on hell before I would have bet on Michelle ever agreeing to it. However, last Spring she told Breck that once he passed his 2nd class swimming requirement for Boy Scouts he could get a snake.

Let this be a lesson to all parents. Don't say stuff like that unless your really mean it!

It took longer, and more $wimming lessons that I would have liked, but we now have a son who is a better swimmer than I (that's not a high bar...)

And he owns a snake. Blackbeard is a 2-1/2 ft long king snake. The lifespan of a king snake in captivity is about 17 years.

I hope Breck's future wife likes snakes.

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