Rainy Saturday Morning

Posted on 05/14/2022 in misc

We should be camping this weekend, but Michelle is recovering from a sinus infection. We should have been camping last weekend but I was just getting over a conference flu from DrupalCon. It was conference flu and not COVID, confirmed by multiple tests. Maybe it's just as well as last weekend was a rain out, and today is a rain out too. I can't believe we are this far into May and still haven't been camping. We will make up for it in the coming months though as we have over 30 nights booked over the summer.

Yesterday was a banner day for blues rock music. Dan Baird, who retired from touring a couple of years ago, formed a new band with Tom Petty's drummer and they dropped an absolutely fabulous album yesterday. I'm not exaggerating (much) when I say I've had it on repeat play for the last 24 hours.

The Chefs - Sing For Your Supper

Ghost Hounds also dropped a new record yesterday. They dialed up the blues and dialed down the rock on this one, producing a record that is more of a traditional blues record than a rock record.

Ghost Hounds - You Broke Me

We finished season 3 of Deadwood last night. I thought season 3 was pretty dull up until episode 9. The last 3 episodes were good though. Season 1 and 2 were fabulous. I assume season 4 was going to have something for the theater troop to do because I have no idea why they were there in season 3. We also finished Ozark recently and I thought both shows delivered basically the same message. The rich white guys will always get away with it. Ruth fought it and died. Swearengen played the game and survived. We plan to watch the movie tonight.

With the world's richest crybaby threatening to to take over Twitter and make it even more of a cesspool than it already is, I've been playing with Mastodon more. Mastodon is a challenge to get started with because there is no algorithm, which of course is a very good thing. However on initial account set up you have nothing on your wall. You have to go find people to follow. Now that I've got a a few dozen active users that I'm following I'm finding I like it more than Twitter. Nobody is trying to game the algorithm, nobody is selling anything, nobody is building a personal brand. It's just people sharing stuff and chatting.

Also the idea of instances takes a minute to wrap your brain around. With Mastodon there are 3 timelines. Your timeline, of people you follow. The local timeline of everybody using the same instance as you. And the federated timeline, which is every user worldwide minus any instances that your instance may be blocking. If you pick an instance focused on something you care about the local timeline should be mostly stuff you care about. I'm currently on a general instance run by the founder but I'm actively looking for a Mastodon instance that is a smaller and more populated with my people. I probably won't completely quit Twitter as a lot of work related networking happens there, but I am definitely dialing back my time on the Bird Site.

As I was typing this I got a call from the 804 area code. I let it go to voice mail and it was some guy that wanted to discuss the bible with me. So if you are wondering how it's going for Christian churches, they've apparently entered the smile and dial phase of spreading the word. I'm guessing that is not a positive indicator for local church attendance. Now I'm curious if people skipped church for the pandemic and maybe a significant percentage just didn't go back? On a quick search this article suggests church attendance has not recovered fully, and may never do so.

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