Optical Intercourse

Posted on 04/02/2006 in misc

At Pensacola Christian College, you can be expelled for having ocular intercourse, the act of gazing too long into eyes of a member of the opposite sex. This won't surprise Daryl, but the also teach creationism in the science classes. It's an unaccredited school, so if you get expelled in your junior year for kissing a girl, you will likely be starting over somewhere as a freshman.

Also very interesting is the connection between PCC and A Beka books. They are both owned by the same guy, PCC loses boatloads of cash every year, but makes it up in royalties supplied by book sales to Christian schools and homeschoolers.

There really is no point to the post, other than I laughed out loud at the optical intercourse thing. They seem to hide their unaccredited status from prospective students, but otherwise I think the kids going there more or less know what they are getting into.

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