My school lunches were never like this

Posted on 01/22/2012 in misc

Fredericksburg Christian Lower (Elementary) caters in fast food every single day.

  • Monday - Pizza of undetermined origin.
  • Tues - KFC
  • Wed - Subway
  • Thur - Salsarita's
  • Fri - Dairy Queen

Really? This is what they are teaching kids about healthy eating? This is a $7000 a year private school, you'd think they could do better than pump the kids full of fat and sodium every day at lunch. Are the parents there really ok with this?

Oh, and if your parents forget to add money to your lunch account?

Lower School students who do not have a lunch or a balance in their account, will be given a package of crackers and water and we will send you a note advising you of that action.

Obviously, no kid going to this school is depending on the school lunch as his only decent meal of the day, However, the prison like crackers and water bit is a little over the top. More sodium too! I'd think for $7000 a year the school could toss a hungry kid an apple.

Is this as ridiculous as it looks to me?

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