Lucky On The Side

Posted on 03/03/2005 in misc

Great tunes and intelligent songwriting by Rob Russell and The Sore Losers combine to produce a country influenced rock and roll record that just grooves. I don't know how else to describe it. This is rock and roll for adults.

This record flat out kicks the ass of 99.9% of the crap you'll find at the mall record store.

The fact that I have an autographed copy of the CD in no way influenced this review ;)

Seriously, if you buy just one record this year because some joker on the Internet said it was great, this is the record to buy.

Available from the RRSL web site, or you can listen to song samples of every song at CD Baby.

From the CD Baby review, " The Boss fronting the Replacements playing Kinks covers with a southern accent." That's not bad, although I think they have more of a Mellencamp groove than Springsteen, but that might just be my Midwest bias.

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