Left of Self-Centered

Posted on 08/02/2002 in misc

I mentioned this CD a couple of weeks ago, but now that I've listened to it a few dozen times, I want to do a proper review.

If this album doesn't sell several million copies somebody at his record company should be castrated. Butch Walker is everything Sum 41, SR-71, and every other "pop punk with metal roots" band wants to be. Butch actually wrote several songs for SR-71. If you are a fan of his previous band, The Marvelous 3, consider this the next Marv album. Hook laden rock with with witty, intelligent lyrics. I know most of my reviews are good, but that is because I scour the web for MP3's and info before I buy CD's, so I usually known what I am getting. If you are a rock fan, buy this CD. It's THAT good!

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