House Sellin' Blues

Posted on 07/22/2002 in misc

I doubt any of the really great bluesmen ever wrote a song by this name, most of them probably never made enough singing the blues to own a home. However, if we actually make it to the new house I may never leave. The stress is brutal, it's one of the worst things you can do to your marriage. Every house showing becomes a personal critique of our home. It's just impossible to not take it personally when strangers walk through your home and deem it not worthy of their money. Who knows what the truth is, it could be too expensive for them, the yard is too small, whatever. And of course, I decided to sell at the same time that two of the areas largest employers are imploding (Worldcom and AOHell).

I did get some good news today - the builder has been delayed by permit issues so I've got an extra month to sell this place. I hope I survive that long.

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