Hoover Camp hike in Shenandoah National Park

Posted on 09/28/2014 in misc

In an effort to not ruin my day watching Purdue suck at football, I got up early and headed to the mountains on Saturday. The destination was this hike. I hit the trail right at 9 AM and got back to the car at 2 PM. I spent about an hour at Camp Hoover. I got there before the first scheduled tour of the house. There was 4 other hikers there, and the NPS volunteers graciously offered to open up the house early and give us the tour. It turns out the guy is a very enthusiastic member of the Herbert Hoover fan club, and had the tour group not been waiting outside, he might still be talking to us about "Bert" Hoover. He may have been a less than successful President, but he was one hell of an interesting guy and I greatly enjoyed learning way more than I ever expected to know about him.

The hike itself was uneventful. 4 blissful hours in woods with no cell service, no music, and barely any people. I need to do that way more often. The 1300 ft elevation gain is pretty gentle. It's not a particularly strenuous hike. It was a glorious blue sky, 70 degree day, and as I headed home I had the windows down, the metal blasting, and I was feeling very cool.

Then I remembered that I was driving a 2002 Park Ave. Oh well...


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