HGTV is Evil

Posted on 02/06/2017 in misc


Before I get into this I have to admit that I partake of way more of HGTV's evil than is probably healthy. So why do I think HGTV is evil?

Every show on that network is basically selling the idea that your life is not good enough as is, and that you can make it better with a larger mortgage. Let's look at some of the more popular shows.

House Hunters

In all the episodes of House Hunters that I've seen I don't remember ever seeing one where the home buyers were selling a large house they can no longer afford, to downsize. It's always people moving on up in the world. House Hunters International is mostly people starting on exciting living abroad adventures. Not to mention that central message of the show, and really all the real estate shows on HGTV, is that home ownership is something we should all aspire to. As a 20+ year homeowner, I'm not sure that is true, or healthy.

Beachfront Living / Caribbean Living / Island Living / Beachfront Bargains

I'll admit to finding some of these inspirational, as beachfront living is on my bucket list. However watching people buy beach front homes with amazing views doesn't exactly help me be content with what I have in life. Beachfront Bargains at least lives in a reasonable price neighborhood, but many of the people on that show are buying vacation homes, so it still mostly makes you feel bad that you don't have a $300K vacation home on the beach

Property Brothers

Your current house sucks, and we can make it better so that you can sell it for even more money so you can buy an even larger and nicer home to go even further into debt.

Tiny House Hunters and related tiny house shows

Hey look, we've made mobile homes trendy again! You should totally try to cram your spouse, 3 kids, and 2 Golden Retrievers into 400 sq feet.You'll be miserable, but you'll be a home owner!

Love it or List It

Your current house sucks, we'll fix it so it's more impressive to your neighbors, then you can stay or sell it for more and buy an even more expensive place.

Flip or Flop and related flipping shows

Hey, look how it easy it is to flip houses and make a fortune. Anybody can do this.

Every show on the network is selling the idea that a physical object, in this case a house, will make you happier.

It won't.

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