Freedom's Road

Posted on 01/24/2007 in misc

Wipe the Chevy commercial from your mind. This is powerful and poignant record. John has something to say about the state of the union, and he says it with grace, backed by a twangy 60s guitar vibe straight off a Byrds album. This is easily his best record in years.

Our Country (the Chevy song) is not nearly has rah rah America as the chorus and the Chevy commercial leads you to believe. It's more of an honest look at our country, warts and all. Within the context of the album, the song works quite well and I surprised myself by not reaching for the skip button.

The CD features a hidden track titled Rodeo Clown, a not so subtle shot at the current President. It's actually a damn catchy tune, with one of the better hooks he has written in a long time. It's sort of a shame he made it a hidden track.

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