Fitbit Fail

Posted on 09/09/2019 in misc

I bought a Fitbit 3 weeks ago. I sent it back to them on Saturday. I wore it constantly for 2+ weeks, and I just don’t get it. The heart monitor seemed to be really accurate, but after a couple of days I lost interest in knowing what my heart rate was at every moment of the day.

The step counter was...interesting. I was waking up with credit for several hundred steps. Do I wander the house in my sleep? I think my wife would notice that. Brushing my teeth was also good for a few hundred steps. It just seemed to be wildly inaccurate.

Likewise, the calorie burn numbers seemed about 20% high. I work from home, sitting in front of a computer. I shouldn’t be running much ahead of my BMR, but the Fitbit was giving me credit for a lot more calorie burn than I think was reasonable.

I never hooked it up to my phone because who the hell wants to read text messages on a small watch screen?

The graphs and charts were neat for a few days, but they are pretty consistent day to day. It didn’t really add much to my workout routine either.

In the end the only feature on the Fitbit I truly appreciated was the watch. And I already own 4 or 5 watches that need batteries. So I returned the Fitbit for a full refund. Maybe I’ll get a couple of my watches working again.

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