Dan Baird - Circus Life

Posted on 07/05/2014 in misc

One on hand, the release of this record in 2013 could give one hope for the future of rock and roll. OTOH, that there are only 2 or 3 substantial reviews of it on the Internet could make one give up all hope. This record is the very definition of what rock and roll should be. If a visitor from another planet wanted to understand rock, handing him Circus Life would be one hell of a good way to set the standard high.

The album starts with a guitar riff that sounds like it came straight off of Highway to Hell, but once the rhythm section kicks in it's clear this is Dan Baird's brand of rock and roll, not Angus Young's version. Another highlight is "Thousand Little Pieces," an almost 8 minute slow burner of heartbreak and lost love. There isn't a weak track on the album, and you'll enjoy every minute, right through the album closer "Wear and Tear," which is a classic power pop tune, and as a fan of power pop, I don't say that lightly.

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