Cuttin Heads

Posted on 11/11/2001 in misc

I've had the new Mellencamp CD for a couple of weeks now so I've had a chance to listen to it at least a dozen times, probably more.

This is a good album, probably Mellencamp's best in the last 10 years. You've heard the first single, Peaceful World, on the radio by now. However, the albums strongest track is one that you will never hear on the radio. The title track, Cuttin' Heads, takes on racism in America. Rapper Chuck D contributes a kickin' rap in the middle of the song that takes black men to task for overuse of the 'N' word in black culture. The chorus coming out of the rap features the 'N' word prominently. It's a powerful song that in PC America will never make it onto the radio. The rest of the CD is more typical Mellencamp, including a nice duet with Trisha Yearwood.

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