Saturday in the park

Posted on 05/23/2020 in misc

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Saturday, in the park…

Yep, that pretty much describes the highlight of the day. I watched Bundesliga in the morning. For lunch, we had a picnic in a park 5 minutes from home, and hung out and read in the fresh air for a while. Then we supported local businesses by picking up beer at the brewery and pizza and wings from a local place. We actually bought two pizzas, so we have one for tomorrow too. Pizza for dinner on Saturday and Sunday. It reminds me of college!

This evening, after failing to agree on a movie to watch, we instead put on the first episode of the Battlestar Galactica mini-series that preceded the actual series. Breck and I have, of course, seen them all. Michelle has never watched it. She is hooked after one episode, so I know what we are doing for the next month or two.

Virginia Beach opened today and the pictures looked like it was under control there. That is good in that improves the chances that we’ll feel safe at the beach soon.

I booked us a campsite at a state park in June. It’s a tent site, we won’t have a camper by then. Already looking forward to evenings by a campfire.

Echo Lake

Echo Lake

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