Coronavirus March 29

Posted on 03/29/2020 in misc

Like everybody else, the pandemic is "top of mind" 24 x 7 for me. I'm writing to help myself not internalize all of it. You can find other posts in the series at

I was going to say that today was a good day, but then I started wondering if any day in a pandemic can be a good day. I think I’ve settled on any day you survive to see the end of is a good day in a pandemic. It still feels like many Americans are not really taking this seriously. However, with the exponential growth we are seeing the US might be over 1 million cases by the end of this week.

Shit is about to get very real this week. April is going to be a very trying month for the US. It’s going to be like Italy, only worse. Please, just stay the fuck home.

I was happy to see that somebody convinced Trump the Orange to drop the back to normal by Easter idea. Maybe somebody told him his ratings would improve this way.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb (FDA Commissioner 2017-1019) published his plan to get us through the crisis and on the road back to normal. Given that he was a Trump appointee and a current AEI fellow, I was quite suspicious that this was a profits over people plan. It’s not. It actually seems well-thought-out and reasonable. Andy Slavitt, (Obama’s Chief Health Care person) has endorsed it, which is a big plus for me. And given the source, it seems like they should be able to sell this to the Idiot-In-Chief. Please, nobody tell him that Obama’s guy likes the plan.

I took a short drive with my son to pick up a growler at Intermission Beer. Just doing my part to help local businesses! The book club that normally meets at the brewery met over Zoom today and I needed Intermission beer for that event.

I also got in another 3-mile walk in today while listening to podcasts.

We made home made pizza for dinner. Pizza and beer, probably my all-time favorite meal.

Tomorrow is Monday right? The sameness of every day makes it hard to tell sometimes. This week may not be better than last week, but it will at least be one week close to the end, whatever that may look like.

Stay home. Stay safe.

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