Adventures in RV Shopping

Posted on 06/02/2020 in misc

Like everybody else, the pandemic is "top of mind" 24 x 7 for me. I'm writing to help myself not internalize all of it. You can find other posts in the series at

Apparently my idea of buying an RV for socially distant vacationing is not particularly unique. In fact, RVs seem to be flying off the lots right now. After several weeks of research I had identified the one I wanted, and there were two for sale 60 miles (ca. 97 km) away.

Were for sale.

They are gone, and in fact I can’t find one for sale within 500 miles (ca. 805 km) of my house. I called the manufacturing plant to ask if they had any ideas, and they basically said, “good luck.” I’ve found a lot with one more upscale model by the same manufacturer and another one that I like, and we are going to check it out on Friday. I hope they are still there then. No, I’m not telling you anything specific. I don’t want to risk jinxing anything.

Yeah, I know people are getting gassed in the streets, the President has declared war on the American people, and Covid-19 is accelerating in some of the states that relaxed too early. (I’m looking at you Georgia.) There are plenty of places you can find insightful writing on the issues. I suggest you start by identifying some writers that are not white dudes. I’m a white dude. Nobody needs my opinion on racial justice issues. I’m trying to listen, read, learn, and be a good ally. In the meantime, y’all can laugh at my first world struggles to find somebody willing to take my money for a recreational vehicle.

Note - this isn't really as spur of the moment as it seems. I've been talking about wanting a camper for most of my adult life. My parents had a camper for my older teen years and we were always a camping family. We've been tent campers since before we had kids. I've just finally hit the point where I'm too damn old to sleep on the ground.

In other news, I just noticed yesterday that Intermission Brewing made us custom beer can labels to celebrate our renewing of vows 1-month ago today. We’ve had these cans in the fridge for at least two weeks. Thanks, Courtney and Justin!

Custom Beer Cans

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