Coronavirus Day 8

Posted on 03/18/2020 in misc

Us on Saint Patricks Day 2020

I'm not doing a daily lock down update here because the days are already running together from the sameness. I think once per week, with updates as warranted in between is enough. Or maybe this will be the only update you'll see. It's not like you are paying anything for this stellar content!

We decided last Wednesday to go into full social isolation mode, as Michelle is diabetic and a cancer survivor. That's at least one high risk factor, maybe two. The Catholic school Michelle worked for shut down on Friday, but since it's a religious institution nobody that works there is eligible for unemployment. Apparently paying into the state unemployment fund to help people in a time of need is an affront to religious freedom, or something.

I left the house last Thursday to do our normal weekly grocery shopping. We stocked up on emergency supplies 3 weeks ago, so I wasn't panicking at the lack of pasta, toilet paper, etc., as we had already laid in a few weeks supply. Then we both went out Sunday to make a pharmacy run (drive-thru), and since the pharmacy is near my favorite brewery I stopped in to get a six pack to go for St. Patrick's Day. Then yesterday morning I went out grocery shopping again, thinking that if NY announced a total shut down it might cause another wave of panic shopping across the country. Food Lion was nice and calm on Wednesday morning. I was even able to pick up some extra hand sanitizer and toiler paper. They had NY Strip steaks on sale so I picked up some to grill this weekend. If we are stuck home we might as well eat well. I have to admit I'm not really looking forward to the weekend. At least work gives me something to do all day.

I am not motivated to exercise alone. Kick boxing has been working great for me as I looked forward to going to class 4-5 times a week. I do not look forward to exercising solo but I did manage to do a couple of HIIT workouts, a 3 mile run, and multiple walks over the first week.

We've also been playing a lot of board games. We started with Pandemic, and y'all should be very happy that the O'Donnells are not running the CDC. I did manage to win a game of Scrabble, with Michelle winning Rummikub and Breck winning Sagrada.

Saint Patrick's Day was actually kind of pleasant. We enjoyed a traditional meal of tamales and soda bread. Then we settled in with some beers to watch the Dropkick Murphys livestream concert. I've certainly had worse Saint Patrick's Day, like those years in grad school when St. Patrick's Day always hit during mid-terms week.

One more thing, the conspiracy theories about the Chinese or some shadow group in NC creating Coronavirus are ridiculous. What is the one group benefiting from all this? Dogs. Dogs are benefiting. They are getting 1000% more humans at home time, and if our Teddy is typical, getting many more walks as walk the dog is on the social isolation approved activity list.

Can you prove dogs didn't start this?

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