Coronavirus April 3

Posted on 04/03/2020 in misc

Like everybody else, the pandemic is "top of mind" 24 x 7 for me. I'm writing to help myself not internalize all of it. You can find other posts in the series at

I was busy at work today, which was a nice way to slide into yet another socially isolated weekend. It’s going to be 60s and sunny all weekend. I’m tempted to find a place to go hiking. But then I’m afraid any trail I pick will be over run with others with the same thought. Virginia’s Governor was on TV yesterday scolding us like his children. He actually said he doesn’t want to close the state parks, but he will if VA citizens can’t use them responsibly and safely. (Don’t make me stop this car!) It’s nice to have a responsible adult in charge. I feel bad for the citizens of Alabama. Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, etc. that are going to suffer needlessly because their leadership thinks a pandemic is a political issue.

Michelle and I started a 1000-piece puzzle tonight. I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle since I was 8 or 9 years old. Based on our progress in two hours last night I expect to complete this puzzle sometime in 2022. At least we have something to keep us busy :) In flipping around Hulu while Michelle was getting ready for bed I found ESPN broadcasting the NBA2K tournament that they are doing. Watching an NBA video game on ESPN is more entertaining than watching the NBA on ESPN.

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