Chris' Rules for a BBQ

Posted on 06/16/2013 in misc

  • Any male not capable of running the grill will be banished to child watching duty.

  • Ketchup is always acceptable on hot dogs and burgers. Always.

  • Beer coolers are never used by adults. They are used by 16 year olds trying to hide their beer. Exceptions granted at the beach.

  • Grill tools should be safely stored in the kitchen or garage. Leaving them at the grill causes rust.

  • Cats are never welcome. Dogs have first dibs on all dropped food.

  • Any steak beyond medium is burnt.

  • Any game is acceptable as a long as the host works drinking into the rules.

  • Tiki torches don’t ward off insects or evil spirits. Chemical insect protection is a must.

  • There is no such thing as kickoff beer. There is good beer and bad beer. People that serve bad beer are either cheap, or have no taste.

  • Alton Brown said charcoal is better. End of argument.

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